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Spring Break Plans



Well, folks, it’s March and Spring Break is right around the corner. A few weeks ago, some friends and I finally decided on the itinerary of the most awesome, action-packed week of our lives. And I say finally with an air of triumph mostly because it took two meetings that lasted over two hours a piece to decide on the locations and routes, let alone the booking of plane tickets and hostels (the latter which we have yet to do). Anyways, here you go.

Saturday, 9 March; fly from Casablanca to Lisbon
Wednesday, 13 March; fly from Lisbon to Barcelona
Sunday, 17 March, fly from Barcelona to Fez

Simple, right? Well all that simplicity took a lot of work and agreement. At first, we wanted to do a tour of southern Spain (Andalusia). However, my roommate has already been to the south of Spain and my friend Emily and I really would rather go to Portugal (because, you know, I speak Portuguese and not Spanish). So, in order to stay together, my other friends agreed to go with us to Lisbon to spend a few days. It wasn’t hard where to go next, though. Barcelona is a must-see for all of us, plus the ticket from Barcelona to Fez is incredibly cheap (only about 50 USD!), so we decided to visit Barcelona for a few days. There we will be renting an apartment for a few nights (as opposed to staying in a hostel in Lisbon), and two of our other friends will be joining us for the last two nights.

We all bought our tickets a little while ago, but that is basically the extent of our planning. I have been collecting tips from my friends and family on what to do in Lisbon (my dad loves Portugal, I have a friend who did missionary work there, and another friend who studied abroad in the capital), but if any of you readers have suggestions (about either city!), please leave me a comment or message me! I’m extremely excited to be temporarily free from academics.


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