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How to say Goodbye (for now)



I am currently on the train back to Princeton and I am wracking my brain as to how I’m going to accomplish everything before I leave on Thursday. It seems like so much! Finish my jp draft, see everyone, pack, get all that last-minute stuff done. I’ve already done one post on how I’m going to tackle my academics before my flight next Tuesday (oh my goodness!) so this post will be geared towards the more social aspect, and how I’ll be able to keep sane these next two days.

A few days ago, I was sending (and receiving) many of the same message: “are you back on campus yet?” Thankfully, all of the responses were positive and I was trying to make a mental note of those who I needed to see. Instead of taking any chances on my poor memory (okay it’s really not that bad, but I want to be sure I do everything right!), I came up with a list of people to meet with within these net two days. This list consists not only my friends, but also other important people like my boss at work, a few of my favorite professors, and administrators who know that I’ll be leaving the country. After I was done, the list turned out to be around 15 people, and although I really wanted to cut it down (how am I supposed to see everyone in such a short time?), I knew that this would be the last time I would see them in five months at least, and I really wanted to say goodbye because of how important they are to me. Of course I’ll be keeping in contact with most of them via the internet while I’m in al Maghreb, but nothing beats the good ol’ face to face..

This lead me to the question of timing. There must be a better way than just an individual goodbye. So I came up with the plan of killing many birds with one stone (for lack of a better metaphor): I could set up group activities (i.e. watching a movie, having dinner) that would allow me to see everyone that I want quickly and efficiently. Thankfully it’s the first week of reading period and people haven’t started panicking just yet about their work (except for my junior friends, everyone’s rushing to get their jps finished). So I’m sure that people would be up for a long dinner or coffee chat or even a movie.

I was going to write a section of this post on what to do if you miss someone to say goodbye, but only if I did. Unfortunately that’s already happened because my best friend from high school won’t be in Maryland anymore after I come home from Princeton. We were scrambling yesterday to try and make something work, but it ended up that neither of us could meet, and so that was it until May. Although I won’t be able to see her before I go, I plan on skyping her as soon as I get to AUI. So I’ll just see her a little after I go. Technology is wonderful these days and lets us keep in touch much easier, so I must take full advantage of it.

I don’t think it’s fully hit me yet that I won’t be seeing these people for the next five months. I’m sure it will, though, when I get to and settle in to Al Akhawayn.


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